Q. How long does it take to have my floors sanded and polyurethaned ?
A. Usually 3 days, depending on the are to be done.
Q. Do I have to move out when you are doing the floors?
A. Not all the time, but the fumes can be smelly so it is best to go away for a few days.
Q. Who will be doing the floorsanding, you or someone else?
A. Yes, We will be doing your floors. We do not contract the job out so you know who is in your house.
Q. How many coats do you lay?
A. We normally lay 3 coats unless you want to pay a little less and we can do 2 for you.
Q. How long from accepting your quote to your start day?

A. Usually 5-7 days. But this does depend on your timeframe as well. We will work in with you and do the job to suit you.
Q. Can you repair any floor boards if we find some rotten ones after we lift the carpet?
A. Yes, we can do that. We can even get floor boards made to fit and match the existing one’s in your house.
Q. Is there a Guarantee with your work?
A. Yes, the manufacturer of the products give a 1 year warranty, we will give you 3 years.
Q. What is involved time wise, in preparing and coating my garage floor?
A. Depending on you requirements, usually 2 -5 days.
Q. How do I remove the tyre marks from my concrete?

A.  We use chemicals to clean and then seal the driveway, but a scrub with hot soapy water can be successful.
Q. How do I stop water leaking into my garage?

A. This is extremely difficult. We can do that for you.